Mercedes Commercial

MBoF – Test Drive

For this Mercedes commercial we wanted to do something different. Instead of casting actors real people were used. Instead of scripted lines we let these potential auto buyers talk. The keys where given to them to test drive these cars. What we were able to capture was something unique. We capture a person’s true experience. Windsong Productions did a great job coming up with this concept. Our Blare Films team did a great job capturing the footage. We did this by utilizing 2 Red Epic Ultra HD cameras. We also used 3 Go-Pros Hero IIIs and a whole slew of rigging gear.  This is de were able to deliver a different take on the Test Drive. This Mercedes Benz dealer was happy with the result.

This  Mercedes commercial  was produced and directed by Windsong Productions.  It was shot by Kyle Gentz and Justin McAleece.  Also on the shoot was a crew of many others. Zack Allen was the audio tech in charge of sound. With real-life testimonials like these there is bound to be a lot of content, but the stories soon emerged and turned into a good pitch for the great people at MBoF.