TV Show Teaser

American Arm

This video is for the American Arm, a great new nationwide contest to find the best amateur pitcher in America. If you think you have the skills, check out their tour ( and show them what you’ve got. Last man standing wins a new car and signs a professional contract!

We shot this in one night at Fresno Grizzlies Chuckchansi Park in Downtown Fresno, CA. The equipment used includes varieties of HMI and tungsten lights, with a Dana Dolly supporting our RED Epic camera. Briana Hetherington and Vince Cosentino were grips for the shoot, supporting Justin McAleece’s cinematography. Jason Wada handled post-production on the cut, fulfilling the need for an explosion of stars to wrap up the spot. ¬†Whether is this TV Show teaser or TV Show pilot, Blare Films will help you with the look you are looking for.