Website Video

The Growing Room

The Growing Room is a great set of learning centers in the Pleasanton and Dublin area. The Growing Room is ran by a bunch of marvelous people.   We had a really great time hanging out there with all the kids, teachers, and administration.  The shot to us a couple of days. We were fortunate to have some beautiful exterior lighting (sunshine).  With had some great help from Ian and Jeff. They knew how to  bring some dynamic images to the screen. This particular project had to be completed in less than two weeks from original concept to final presentation. For this reason, the real hero was Doug Morris.  He drew up some wonderful storyboards, a touching script and excelled as our director. We used our RED One 4k Ultra HD camera, HMI lighting, Kino Flo lighting, and Dana Dolly.  Our equipment created just the right atmosphere and the client was ecstatic. It is corporate website videos like these that we really enjoy doing because we are able to tell the story of a company that really believes in what they do. Thanks for all of those that helped us put this website video together!