Phoenix Video Production Crew


Crew is the personnel hired to work on the pre-production phase of a video project such as a director. However, most of the crew positions are in the principal photography stage. For example camera operators, grips, gaffers etc.. All project needs are different. We can pickup the project at any stage. From creative development to post-production and delivery. Sometimes we only need to send out a 2 person crew (camera operator and grip). For years we have worked with ad agencies and other production companies. We usually come in a provide them the 4k production muscle on their projects. Deploying a 4k camera like the Red Epic Dragon, grip trucks, lighting, aerial drones, and expert crew.

Last minute production crew booking are not a problem! We have develop strong production teams in Arizona, California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Nevada and Illinois.

Contact a Blare Films rep with any questions:

Las Vegas: (702) 487-3420

Phoenix: (480) 376-0974

Las Angeles: (323) 275-1337

San Diego: (858) 866-8070

San Fransisco (415) 865-9811

Seattle: (206) 438-9788

Denver: (303) 974-7299

Chicago: (312) 508-4634

Project Cordinator
Copy Writer
Storyboard Artist
Casting Director
Production Designer
Prop Maker
Set Stylist
Location Scout


2nd Unit Director
Assistant Director (1st and 2nd AD)
Field Producer
Director of Photography (DP)
Camera Operator
Assistant Camera (1st AC and 2nd AC)
Audio Tech
Steadicam Operator
Key Grip
Best Boy Grip
Lighting Technician
Wardrobe Stylist
Hair Stylist
Makeup Artist
Script Supervisor
Production Assistant
Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)
On-site Editor
Drone Pilot

We have a plenty of tools to support and film and video production project. Not only in Phoenix but throughout the US.

Here is some of the equipment offered:

Ultra High Definition Cameras
Red Epic Dragon
Scarlet Dragon
and other brands

High Definition (HD) Cameras
Canon C100, C300
Many DSL Brands

Lens Kits
L Series and more

Light Kits
Tungsten Lighting
HMI Lighting
LED Lighting

Grip Gear
1/2 Ton Truck

Aerial Video
HD Drones
4k Drones
Drone camera platforms

Check out the full list of equipment please see our Video Production Equipment Page