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Phoenix Video Production
High-Quality Video at affordable prices.

BLARE Films Arizona is a video production company that produces affordable high-quality video for broadcast, live stream, social media, and internal use.

We can pick up your video project at any stage. From pre- through post-production, our teams possess the skills to produce the video work, making both BLARE Films Arizona and our valued clients proud.

4k Blu-ray

4k Blu-ray

Corporate Videos · Promotional Video

Capture all of Arizona’s Scenic Topography’s

Large Service Area

We cover Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Sedona, Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott, Yuma, Lake Havasu City and anywhere in between.

Blare Films Arizona
Phoenix Video Production
3104 E Camelback Rd #735
Phoenix, AZ 85016
(480) 376-0974

Other States we service:
Nevada, California, Texas, Washington,
Oregon, Colorado, Illinois

Video Production Experts

Since forming Blare Media, there are a number of niches and areas where we have excelled and subsequently become experts. We have a strong track record producing videos in the following sectors: Medical Related Video Production, Automotive TV Commercial Production, and Corporate/Industrial Video Production to name a few. The following are definitely in our field of expertise.

Project Management

Our Blare reps are not “salespeople.” They are production coordinators, producers, budget managers, assistant directors or whatever is required. We understand everyone has a deadline and a number to hit. We will provide you a competitive and accurate quote. Then, our Blare representative will help you stay on time and on budget.

Ultra HD Video Production

We’ve been shooting in 4K (Ultra HD) since 2007. We moved up to 6K a few years ago and have shot a ton of great footage in 8K. Now, we can also master and deliver video finals in 4K. Watching content in 4K is now an option across most streaming and cable platforms. The bottom line is, our Blare production team can guide you through all your Ultra HD needs. Visit our “Ultra HD Experts” page.

Video Crew

Part of what has helped Blare grow is our ability to develop and vet our production teams. We have directors, producers, operators, stylists, set builders and everything in between. Last-minute shots are no problem. With teams in Phoenix and Tucson, we can get to anywhere in Arizona. To see what your crew options are, check out the “Video Crew” page.

Drone Footage

4K Aerial Video

We have been capturing aerial video for well over a decade. Though the means have changed and the types of cameras and platforms have evolved, one thing has stayed the same – a great aerial video takes not only a great pilot, but also an expert cinematographer. Take a look at all the exciting options by visiting our “4K Aerial Video” page.


We have grip van, grip truck, lighting, equipment, and camera rentals. Throughout our history, it’s always been our goal to equip ourselves with enough gear to shoot a variety of projects like feature films, music videos, or commercials without having to rent out gear. We’ve exceeded that goal and now offer competitive gear in Phoenix and Tucson.

Live Streaming

When you go live, there is no second chance to get it right. This is why at Blare Films we take preparation and testing seriously. At the heart of our multi-camera setup is our BlackMagic Studio Pro Switcher and the Blackmagic Design TV Studio Pro 4K. We can do Live Streaming to YouTube, Periscope, LiveStream or any of the popular streaming service providers.

Our Start in Video Production

Blare Films has a history of making beautiful content. It was formed in 2008 as the movie/film division of Blare Media. Being one of the first companies to own the Red One Ultra HD camera we were able to offer cinematic quality video at lower price points then film. This helped Blare Films become a real player in the independent film market throughout California. The cinematic quality of our work attracted music artists. We were able to give their music video that major record label music video look, at a fraction of the cost. The story repeats its self when we talk about TV commercials. Again, we delivered national TV looking spots at local level budgets.

As the demand for high-quality 4K ultra HD footage grew so did Blare. This led us to establish new service locations and production teams. After starting in Fresno a second office was opened in San Jose followed by Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson.

While we target all of Arizona our focus is the whole Valley of the Sun or Phoenix metropolitan area. That encompasses cities like Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and others. All of these cities are within our service area. No travels fees within Phoenix metro. We have cover areas as far north as Kingman and Flagstaff. So covering cities in-between like Sedona, Prescott, and Jerome is no problem. For more information on the cities go to our “Why Phoenix?” page.

BLARE Films Arizona in Tucson
Tucson – Since arriving in Phoenix we have built some very strong teams. One of those teams is in Tucson. Might seem like a quiet area but there are lots of things to do and a lot of thing to video. It has plenty of historical sites and it is nestled in between two national forests. The drive up to Mt. Lemmon is one of the best you’ll take. Old Town Tucson is famous for its western film and TV show productions. Tucson is considered a Blare Hub. This means no travel fees 50 miles from the Tucson cities limits.

Need a Few More Reasons to Choose BLARE for Your Next Project?

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