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360 Video

Written by Ro Leon 6/8/16

Interactive 360 videos are springing up in music videos, product videos and even on Facebook with its Facebook 360 Community.

How do you actually create 360 degree videos (360 video), is a big question. The process of creating these movies has many different steps and tips. First and foremost, you need to have the right type of camera. This article talks about some of the cameras you can buy, though there is a long list. Many of these cameras are already available and have some amazing pro options, as well.



Bublcam is an innovative camera that can capture hundred percent of spherical range in videos and photos, meaning there will be no blind spots. How is that possible?

The Bublcam has 4, 190 degree FOV lenses. They are used to capture four images at a time and then bring them together into a multiplexed video or image. The proprietary software combines the four images together in real time and creates a complete spherical or 360 degree picture or video.

It is a technology solution that allows you to capture, look at and share Bubls using its hardware, mobile apps and the web. Bublcam also contains features for time-lapse images and HDR.

Price: $400.00

Product Website



Giroptic makes videos and live streams, and captures pictures, along with being compatible with virtual reality. The bad part is that you will have to pre-order this camera; but the good part is that once you get it, you can make 360 degree video in 2K, without any proprietary editing software. Along with this, there is a light bulb adapter that can give you a great experience while hanging from the ceiling.

GIROPTIC aims to create unbelievably amazing virtual reality and 360 degree experiences by redefining the methods you use to capture images.

Price: $499.00

Product Website


Pixpro SP360

Pixpro SP360 made by Kodak. The brand that might give you pause, however, it’s a good stab at introducing 4k 360 into the market. It allows you to record up to UHD 4K (3840×2160) at 30 fps. The 4k quality output is not as good as the 1080p output.   If you want a cool HD video it’s a great gadget to have. For what they are offering, their price point is competitive. I expect something better on their next attempt.

Price: $350.00

Product Website


Freedom 360

Freedom360 offers an amazing mount device that will allow you to capture 360 degree videos with the GoPro cameras. This mount can hold up to 6 GoPros for amazingly high-quality video.

The mount supports cameras from the GoPro Hero series that allow you to record videos of up to 4K resolution. This particular setup allows you to capture everything from every angle without any blind spots or obstructions.

When you’re done with the recording though, you will need to stitch together the videos from all six GoPro cameras to get the 360 effect (unlike other setups that offer this at time of capture).

Bottom Line, if you are looking to produce a professional 360 video, this type of set-up is the best option. Especially with video moving towards 4k or higher.

Price: $675.00

GoPro HERO4 Black 4k – $500.00

Total Price with 6 Camera setup – $3675.00

Product Website

GoPro Website

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