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BLARE Films is a production company concentrating on the development of powerful and motivating tv commercials, instructional videos, corporate videos, short and feature films, music videos in Phoenix as well as the rest of the country. Started in California in 2005, BLARE Films began making TV commercials and small independent films. When the economy took a downturn in 2007, BLARE Films saw lesser demand for TV commercial but an increase in corporate videos and internet videos. BLARE Films can show case a high level of expertise across all different types of video projects.


BLARE Films’ Philosophy

BLARE Films’ philosophy: “High-quality video production look at an affordable price.” When it comes to producing TV commercials, the goal is to deliver that Hollywood produced national look at a local businesses price range.

To achieve this, BLARE Films has stayed in the forefront of the video production technology realm. Whether it’s latest cameras or the newest video technique, BLARE Films has invested quite a bit of time and effort testing and researching ways to bring production costs down. This allows BLARE Films to offer you the quality that was once cost prohibitive. For example, BLARE Films was one of the first video production companies on the West Coast to offer 4k resolution when we rolled out the Red One Ultra HD Camera.

Complete Creative Services for All Budgets

Filling the gap between cheap, poorly-made video and ultra-high-end Hollywood productions, BLARE Films’ productions can be deployed for any business in multiple formats including internet streaming, DVD/Blu-Ray and 4k television broadcast.

When learning about us we learn about you. We like to familiarizes ourselves with your company, industry, achievements, and goals. Some of our inquires are common interview shots other are complex projects with multiple deliverables and large crew. The larger the project the more time we dedicate before and after a discovery call in order to provide you an accurate quote.

To that end, BLARE hires only well-experienced cameramen, writers, and crew to maintain professional production values. BLARE Films’ crew and equipment are occasionally rented out to other video production companies due to BLARE’s reputation for quality.

About Us and Our Approach

There’s a message you want to get out there, there’s an audience that needs to hear it, and there’s a perfect way to deliver it – Your story to your customer – Simply, succinctly, and sooner than you think. This is where we come in. We tell stories for a living. We help you feel comfortable because we’ve done this before. We can take your script and tune it up a bit, we can mold your ideas into a pitch that really shines, or we can start from scratch and deliver a complete end to end solution.

We know where to look for the best light, the cleanest background, and the most favorable sound. We know not to plug into THAT outlet, so that everything keeps running smoothly. It’s our job to solve problems before they happen.
We’ll walk you through the process. We’ll take you by the hand from start to finish and identify just what needs to be done to accomplish your goals.

When it comes to gear, we have it. Our lighting packages range from one man run-n-gun style to feature film worthy trailers. We shoot in 4K or 6K for many reasons, even if you only need 1080P. We have redundant microphones, extra cameras, dynamic movement, and a whole lot more. It’s the way we like to design our shoots – less is not more when it comes to options in the post-production process.

Which brings us to editing. We have the ability to accommodate your specific needs through a large range of choices of editing styles and special effects. Our in-house production professionals are focused on your vision and have a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude when it comes to realizing the goals of your project. We use transcription services to get us all on the same page, we put our footage to archival tape immediately upon receipt to guarantee it pretty much forever, and we start every edit with the idea that the only constant is change.

We utilize an online platform to get your feedback right on the video and we factor in rounds of revision into the process so that there aren’t any hidden costs. In fact, we almost always come in at budget, but if your creative team decides that you want to expand the scope of the project, we’re ready for that as well. BLARE Films is committed to providing premiere services for each and every client.

So let us tell your story. With both our creative approach and technical approach we’ll tell it well!

Now that You Know About US Hear is More Reasons to Hire Us


In this highly competitive video production market, BLARE Media takes pride in its people and the work they produce. Without their skills and expertise – from industry proven and well rehearsed workflows, to the most up-to-date equipment, software and processes – our talented crews would find it nearly impossible to make our clients happy. Since Day One, BLARE Media has worked hard to deliver clients superbowl-quality, even when there’s not always a superbowl-budget.


At BLARE Media, great service starts with an open dialogue and continues with a thorough understanding all of your project’s needs. Our representatives are experienced in servicing a wide range of clients and project types, including organizational and corporate videos, TV spots, content for web streaming, training videos, trade show loops, Hollywood red carpet interviews, even feature films and trailers. Whatever kind of video you can imagine, we’ll find a way to produce it for you. And we won’t say we’re finished until we deliver a final product that meets, or better yet, exceeds your expectation.


From initial consultation to creative development to image acquisition to final delivery of the highest-resolution audio and video available – “future proofed” if you like – the professionals at BLARE Media will guide you through our entire production process. Our producers, directors, videographers, editors, writers and illustrators, are laser-focused on your vision and possess a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude to realize your goals.

BLARE Films – Look national!

Looking to learn more about us or the video production process?

Feel free to contact us at (480) 376-0974 or request a free consultation today.

Below is a link to of our 2008 Reel:

Proud to say Blare Films continues to grow!


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Blare Media Headquarters
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Common Questions




How lengthy is the video production process?

Usually we schedule it to be an eight week process ; every client has needs that vary though. If you have a tight timeline, we have done entire productions in 14 days.

I spoke with another production company in Phoenix and they said I need to give them the storyboard and script. Do I have to write the final production for your company?

You can be as involved as you want to be in the production. You are welcome to be the writer and director or we can do it for you from your companys’ biography and the storyboard for the production that we make together.

Can you produce videos outside of Phoenix, AZ?

We shoot anywhere the project takes us. When production is complete, we can do the post production at our corporate office.

How many camera operators does it take to create a production?

Many videos only require 1 camera. However, we do recommend 2/3 for weddings and live event coverage; we can’t do retakes as we do with commercials and corporate videos.

Should we provide the actors for the production?

It’s perfectly OK to use people within your company; however, if you would like to hire an actor/actors we can aquire demo reels and let you choose the best representative.

Should I be present during the production?

Your choice. We can have a strategy meeting to outline the storyboard beforehand and provide a director if you need to be less involved.

Do you offer personal services such as conferences, live events, etc?

We are definitely available for that. If you hire a solo videographer you may or may not get good results, but if you hire us you will have peace of mind and we will work with you through the entire process.
– better equipment
– more reliable; videographers come and go
– better video quality

Bottom line, how much does it cost?

Video production in Phoenix tends to start at $3900, but the price range will vary based on the options you choose for your project. If you upgrade to a Red Ultra HD camera that cost will go up by another $800.  Best thing to do is contact a Blare Films producer/Rep.  We’ll do everything possible to meet your budget. Some of the factors that influence the cost include:
– the number of cameras
– type of cameras
– actors needed
– voice talent
– if you need a director
– locations
– miscellaneous equipment needed
– animation in the video

FAQ for Phoenix Video Production – Blare Film

About Us and Our Clients

Adventist Health
Avance Home Health
Blue Kia
Case Central
Crista College
Community Action Partnership of Madera
Construction Management Group
Cows and Crops
Extreme Makeover
Fresno Ad Federation
Fresno City College Nursing Department
Getty Images
Gold’s Gym
Healthy Ox
Holy Trinity
JP Marketing


MCM Concepts
Montel Williams
Take 5 to Exercise
Tealeaf Technologies
The Discovery Channel
Thielen Idea Corp
Thunder Factory
Turn Here
University of Phoenix
US Forrest Service
USA Baby
Valley Life Group
Your Ultimate Guide to Real Estate

Las Vegas –  Appdynamics, CPA.com, Entheos, Fly Communications, Williams Sonoma and more.

Phoenix – Arizona Sate University, AV Concepts, Zep Air, CAE Pilot Academy, Mattress Firm, WedMD and many convention interview shoots.

Santa Clara – McAfee, Green Screen, Corporate videos, Teleprompter Alibaba.com – Broadcast production, interviews, corporate news story Xgliders – We shot a television commercial and some internet marketing videos. We also did commercial photography. XCEO – We did an internet marketing video by editing some of their old footage and putting it together for their website.

Merced – We did a commercial for Own A Car Merced and have shot numerous other projects here.

Madera – We did a corporate video for the Community Action Partnership about their services and what they give back to the local surrounding communities. For Color-Box which is one of the biggest printers of commercial packaging we shot a corporate marketing video for them to use at tradeshows.

Fresno – This is where we started before branching out to include satellite locations up North. We have shot countless marketing videos, training videos, commercials, music videos, short films and features and a multitude of other projects.

Newport Beach – For Own A Car we shot a variety of running footage for their car library and have been there several other times on different projects.

San Francisco – H5 Technologies, Tealeaf, Case Central, Thunder Factory and Career Builder is just a short list of the high-profile corporate clients that we have served in the beautiful city of San Francisco. We have also provided RED One Camera Rentals, 1st Assistant Cameraman and Director of Photography positions on music videos in San Francisco and the bay area. We also provided HD video editing and colorist / digital intermediate artists for other projects.

San Jose – We have shot a large amount of vide production projects in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Some of our key clients include mortgage and realty companies, corporate clients such as Verizon and University of Phoenix. We also shot lots of television commercials for places like California Wheels.

Livermore – We shot a high-end event video and several beauty shots for one of our long time commercial clients.

Dublin – We did both 35mm film and High Definition Video Production for several television commercials for YUGTRE.com and Avianne Inc.

Walnut Creek – We have an office here and have been involved in a lot of projects around the walnut creek area.

Long Beach – We shot parts of car commercials and some stock footage in and around long beach.

Los Angeles – In the heart of the film and video industry we have shot / edited / provided crew positions for and done almost everything else for a large amount of productions. One of our latest projects Madison Lane was a web series that we provided Red One Rentals, equipment rentals, 1st AC and grips for including production support in the way of 2ND Assistant Directors and the like.

Sacramento – We shot all of the Take 5 To Exercise series in the Sacramento area and we are also involved with an ongoing project with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Oakland – Oakland is a great place to shoot a music video which we have done a lot of there. Highlights include videos with Too Short, E-40 and Bun-B

Bakersfield – This city is like a second home to us. We have done many projects with a number of auto companies in town including long runs of commercials and infomercials with Auto Shopper and Auto Choice.

Santa Rosa – We have shot for the Financial Report which is a nationally aired cable news show among other video production projects.

Salinas – Wargods is a Mixed Martial Arts League that was formed by some of our company founders. We are their go to production company and we are always ready to go back to Salinas and shoot more fight nights. We have also shot car commercials, corporate videos and done a lot of Real Estate work in Salinas.

Visalia – The Latin rock band and one of our favorite musical acts Mezcal calls Visalia home. We have shot several music videos for them.

To learn more about us please check out our portfolio for updates or bookmark our: Blare News Page