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BLARE Films has been capturing aerial video for since 2009. We started with an octocopter platform. The payload was usually a canon DSLR 5D M3 and lens. They we where able to get a Red One 4k Ultra HD camera in the air. That made us one of the very first video production companies to off Ultra HD aerial video footage. This gave companies like our own the ability to offer this footage without having to hire a helicopter and pilot. Other smaller drone platforms came onto the market and GoPros cameras entered the market allow for smaller aerial drone rigs.

In 2013 the DJI Phantom was release and so started the explosion of drones. There were so many amateurs buying these entery level drones that the public panicked. Drones where caught spying on people. There were wrecks every where. There were no regulations but plenty of confusions. Finally the Law have progressed and apps can help you get a waiver from the FAA instantly.

Since, we found a nice niche with the products of DJI. We’ve used the Inspire 1 for a few years now and have become very confident and comfortable with the system. We have also added a DJI Mavic 2 Pro and The DJI Phantom 4 Pro to our arsenal. We have license Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) pilots and spotters. We also have experienced aerial camera operators.

DJI Inspire 1

Aerial Video Phoenix

It is a dream to use for video production professionals for several reasons: It allows for two operators to control the rig simultaneously. This means that one operator can focus completely on flying and another will only need to pay attention to pointing and controlling the camera. This allows for much more dynamic moves than you can get from a single operator drone such as those in the Phantom series. Those drones are highly capable, but the second remote, viewer and operational controls help immensely. Going forward we will be utilizing the DJI Inspire 2 for even more remarkable capabilities. This system adds a more streamlined RAW capability and is a great way to compliment our Epic Dragon camera that also shoots RAW. The resolution on these cameras is also incredible. You have to see it to believe it and understand just how much this opens up creative possibilities. We are excited about the future of aerial video and drone capabilities and are happy to be experienced and ready.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Phoenix Aerial Video

The Phantom 2 started offering one of the first drone and camera solutions. Now a few generations the Phantom 4 Pro has finally given its aerial video a professional look. It can go up to 4K at 60p. It still and entry-level drone but it has some benefits for traveling operators. At around 3 pounds it is light and easy to pack away. You can also unpack it and have it ready for flight in no time. The drone also has pretty good obstacle avoidance system. Very helpful when you don’t have a spotter.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Arizona Aerial Video

For jobs that require us to light and move around, the Mavic 2 Pro is awesome! This bird is small and folds into the size of an encyclopedia. At 2 pounds you can easily put in in your airplane carry ons. The camera captures 4K in 30p. This does have internal storage 8GB. It’s not much but 8 more GB then the Phantom 4 Pro. Sure it has Obstacle Avoidance but what is way better is the tracking feature called Activetrack. Another thing that is helpful when the pilot is also operating the camera. Only knock in this is that winds can effect your shots but what can you expect with something so light.

DJI Inspire 2 (Coming Soon)

6k Aerial Video

We actually have this DJI Inspire 2 available in some markets but not yet in the Phoenix area. The specs are listed below. What we love is on gimbal, camera and sensor. It’s not as good as taking a Red camera up on a drone but the quality gap is shrinking. Unless you want 6K or higher resolution.
Spotlight Pro – a powerful tracking mode that allows even single pilots to capture complex, dramatic images. It uses advanced visual tracking algorithms to lock onto a subject during flight, regardless of the direction that the Inspire 2 flies, creating shots that would once have required a dedicated camera operator. It has a range of other intelligent flight and shooting modes like, TapFly and Active Track. It can even return home.
Flight Time – 23-27 minutes
Video Resolution – 6K/5.2K
Control Range – 7 kilometers
Sensory Range – 30 meters
Speed – 95 KM/H

Heavy Lift Drones (6K Aerial Video)

Setting Up the Octocopter

This is how we started aerial video and we are back to it. While we can capture incredible footage with our Inspire 1 or 2 4k cameras, It is still not Red Dragon/Weapon footage. In order to get the best aerial video we need a drone that can take up a convention camera and lens. It might cost more but if there is budget for the best and/or you have a limited time (and tries) to capture that perfect shot then going this route makes sense.

Aerial Video Conclusion

If you have any aerial needs, whether it’s just a shot or a whole spot, be sure to contact us. It can literally take your production to another level! It is also more cost-effective than you might imagine and will take less time than you think on set. And one more thing, remember, just because you can fly, doesn’t mean you can shoot.

Here is a great video that compare the DJI Phantom 4 Pro to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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In August 1st, 2016 thew FAA finally released rules for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). UAVs are commonly know as drones. It used to be that only hobbyist and very limited per use waiver holders are able to fly drones. These new rules pave the way for many video production companies to be able to add aerial video as part of their services. So what are some options when looking at buying a drone for 4k aerial video footage? This article dives right into that. The article was written by are Blare Films Arizona aerial video experts. It goes through all the different option of drones that capture 4k video.

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