Grip Van Rentals the Blare VersaVan

Blare Films is proud to announce that we’ve built a fully customized, versatile electric and grip van from the ground up and it is now available to all productions in the Phoenix and Tucson areas.


A Little Something on Grip Vans

Most people in production have a pretty good idea what comes with a standard grip van package. We also know that for most productions you might end up paying for gear that you’ll never use, such as some of the more esoteric grip hardware or old school tungsten, while at the same time having to pay a lot more for the HMI’s and LED’s that you do need. So we took the package that we love to shoot with and made it available for rental. It provides a good assortment of lighting for most corporate, marketing, or commercial shoots.

Many times when shooting in high-rise office scenarios where we’re looking out a window we need to use more punch than LED’s, tungsten, or fluorescent heads can provide. This is when a super bright 1200 HMI Par is your best friend. We have this paired with an electronic ballast and several 4×4 diffusion options. For this type of shooting a powerful HMI is not only preferable, it’s vital. Very few if any grip vans come preloaded with HMI, Kino, and LED heads included in the base price that meets or beats the price of the competition. We think this is a smarter, simpler, and more effective way to go. It saves you money, it’s saves us time spent loading and unloading, and it goes that extra distance to ensure your shoot goes off without a hitch.

Another way our Blare VersaVan (grip van) is great is that we don’t charge for gels, gaff tape, or anything else that’s available on the van. In fact, we stock it with lots of extras like a powder & hairspray makeup kit, extra cables, and Duracell Quantum batteries for those unexpected situations when your wireless mic runs out of juice or you need some extra AAA’s for that remote that didn’t come with them.

As you can see, we’re offering a lot, so if you’re coming from out of town or just looking to really impress your client with a whole different level of production then the Blare VersaVan may just be the perfect solution.

What is inside this Grip Van?

Blare Films in Arizona does not offer dry rental’s only wet. These means you would have to rent out the Versa Van Package (or any a la carte package) with a DP, Camera Op, Grip or PA. Call For those rates.

Grip VanRental Price perInclude in VersaVan Package
1 Ton G&E Package with HMI, LED, Fluorescent Lighting$450Yes
40″ C-stand$5Yes
Baby Stand (2-Rise)$4Yes
Combo Stand (2-Rise)$8Yes
Combo Stand (3-Rise)$10Yes
Lightweight Lowel kit stand$2Yes
Backdrop stand kit (2 stands + 4 crossbar tubes)$4Yes
6’x6′ frameIncludedYes
6’x6′ full silk$8Yes
6’x6′ quarter silk$8Yes
6’x6′ ultrabounce$8Yes
Westcott Scrim Jim Set – 72″x42″ – Silver and 1/4 Silk$20Yes
4’x4′ floppy solid$8Yes
4’x4′ open frames with 250 Diffusion$8Yes
4’x4′ double net (red)$8Yes
4’x4′ single net (green)$8Yes
2’x3′ solid$4Yes
2’x3′ double net (red)$5Yes
2’x3′ single net (green)$5Yes
2’x3′ silk$5Yes
18″x24″ solid$4Yes
18″x24″ double net (red)$4Yes
18″x24″ single net (green)$4Yes
18″x24″ silk$4Yes
Bounce board$5Yes
Flexfill – Large$5Yes
Flexfill – Medium$5Yes
DJ Flag Kit Pro$20Yes
Nori 4′ 2x Umbrella Bounce Silver and White Kit$20Yes
Sound Blanket / Furnie Pad – Small$2Yes
Sound Blanket / Furnie Pad – Large$2Yes
#3 grip clip$1Yes
#2 grip clip$1Yes
#1 grip clip$1Yes
Cardellini Clamp – Center Jaw 2″$5Yes
Cardellini Clamp – End Jaw 2″$5Yes
Mafer Clamp$4Yes
Grid Clamp w/ Baby Pin$4Yes
Grid Clamp w/ Junior Pin$4Yes
Junior Clamp to Double Baby Pin$4Yes
Baby Receiver to Baby Pin$4Yes
8″ C Clamp w/ Baby Pin$6Yes
Speed Rail “Elephant Ear”$4Yes
4 Piece Menace Arm Kit$10Yes
Pipe Clamp$4Yes
Scissor Clamp$4Yes
4″ Grip Head “Lollipop”$4Yes
Foamcore Holder “Duck Bill”$4Yes
2.5″ Grip Head$2Yes
Junior Nail Plate$2Yes
Baby Nail Plate$2Yes
Baby to Baby Pin$1Yes
Junior-Baby Adapter “Butt Plug”$1Yes
Rotating Baby Receiver to Baby Pin “90 Knuckle”$2Yes
Safety Cables$1Yes
Apple Box – Full$1Yes
Apple Box – Half$1Yes
Apple Box – Quarter$1Yes
6′ step ladder$10Yes
“Low Rider” Camera Support Bag$3Yes
35lb Sandbag$6Yes
20lb Sandbag$4Yes
Cables/Power Acc.
50′ Stinger$6Yes
25′ Stinger/Extension Cord$4Yes
Cube Taps$1Yes
1000W Dimmers$2Yes
6 Outlet Power Strip$1Yes
Kino Flo 4 Foot 4 Bank w/ Tungsten and Daylight Tubes$60Yes
Cinemills Silver Bullet 575W HMI PAR w/ Lenses$100No
Cinemills Silver Bullet 1.2K HMI PAR w/ Lenses and Barn Doors$150No
Power to Light Electronic Ballast for 575W OR 1200WIncludedNO
Chimera Super – Small Softbox – Needs Speed Ring$15No
Chimera Super – Medium PLUS Softbox – Needs Speed Ring$15No
Dracast Bi-Color 6″x12″ LED Panel with AC$20Yes
Dracast Bi-Color S Series Plus 16”x7” LED Panel with AC$30Yes
Dracast V-Mount Charger$15Yes
V-Mount Battery$15Yes
Arri 1K Tungsten Fresnel$15Yes
Gel Roll – Large – Correction$7Yes
Gel Roll – Large – Diffusion$7Yes
Gel Roll – Small – Party Color$5Yes
Misc. Gels – 250, 216, CTB, CTO$5Yes
Tape Rolln/aYes
Rubber Maid Cart w/ Upgraded Tiresn/aYes
Large Magliner Cart w/ Custom Bottom$50Yes
Fire Extinguishern/aYes
Lightweight Dracast Kit Stand$3If Requested
3′ Kessler Pocket Dolly Slider$10If Requested
Green Screen Fabric$10If Requested
DJ Gear Backdrop stand kit (2 stands + 4 crossbar tubes)$5If Requested
3x 8″x14″ LED Panel Set$10If Requested
2x Mole Richardson Mini Mole 200W Tungsten Fresnel Set w/ Lowel Kit – Tota 500W, 2x ProLight, Stands, Cables, Umbrellas$25If Requested
E-Image 7060H Tripod Head$15If Requested
Manfrotto 503 Tripod Head$15If Requested
Manfrotto 3063 Tripod Head w/ 3181 Sticks$15If Requested
Manfrotto 679B Monopod$5If Requested
Davis and Sanford Provista 7518B Tripod w/ FM18 2 Head$10If Requested
Camera Packages
Panasonic GH4 Package with 14-140 f4-5.8 Lens, 25mm f.95, YAGH Adapter, 3 Batteries, Charger, ND.6, ND.9$150No
Red Epic/Weapon 6k Camera Package with Cinematic Lens KitCallNo
Sony FS5 or FS7 4k Camera PackageCallNo
Sound Package$60No
Rode NTG-1 Mic w/ Boom Pole and Rycote Softie$25No
Shure Wired Lavaliere SM93$7No
Sony ECM-44B Wired Lavaliere$5No
Sennheiser G2-100 Wireless Mic Set$20No
25′ XLR Cable$2No
6′ XLR Cable$2No
Digital Juice Sound Bagn/aNo
Switcher Package$250No
Blackmagic ATEM HD Switcher$150No
SDI Cable – Various$10No
HDMI Cable – Various$10No
6 Outlet Power Strip$2No
Blackmagic Video Assist Recorder/Monitor$25No
HDMI 1×4 Splitter Box$5No
Decimator MD-LX HDMI/SDI Bidirectional Converter$10No
Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder SDI/HDMI to Thunderbolt$8No
Lowe’s Transport Wagon $10No

Just remember we cover all of Phoenix and Tucson video this grip van. Call us with any questions.

For comparison here is a company that specializes in large grip van and truck packages: S1Group