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Medical Video Experts

Our video production teams at Blare Films Arizona are proven experts in medical related video content. After years of creating TV commercials, tutorials, product videos, and even telenovela style medical content it’s safe to say that we have carved a nice niche in this field.
Medicine and medical care are very regulated fields. It is common to see TV commercials making outlandish claims. Have you ever heard, “it’s proven to work or your money back”? How about, “4 out of 5 doctors agree”? It should be obvious that the advertisers are saying what ever they think will get you to buy. However, in the medical field you don’t see that anymore. Vague, general and misleading statements are being crackdown on. Most would agree this is a good thing.

At Blare Films Arizona we work hand in hand with the medical company’s marketing, legal and compliance departments to carve out the proper message. Whether it is for a TV commercial or a website video tutorial we do our due diligence.

The following are successful advertising campaigns that we were part of:

American HomePatient – Owl

We work with 183 Degrees to produce this national TV spot. The purpose of this video is to combat sleep apnea with American HomePaient’s product.

What we provided
Pre-production: Set Build, Studio and Casting
Production: Equipment (Red Ultra HD Camera, supporting gear and lighting)
Crew (Director of Photography, Grip, Gaffer, and PA)
Post-Production: Editing, Animation, Music Compisition

Community Regional Medical Center – Our Hearts

We worked with Windsong Productions to create this for for Five Creative Group. The purpose of the commercial is to bring attention to cardiovascular care.

What we provided
Production: Equipment (Red Ultra HD Camera, supporting gear and lighting), Crew (Director of Photography, Grip, Gaffer, and PA)

Jmac – Secret

This was an interesting project. This was a direct response campaign with 3 different TV commercials. The one featured is the Spanish language version. The goal of this campaign was to receive calls from those interested in receiving an experimental medication. Safe to the response was great!

What we provided
Pre-Production: Script, Storyboard, Location Scout, Auditions, shooting permits and props.
Production: Equipment (Red Ultra HD Camera, supporting gear and lighting), Studio, Buss, Autos, and Crew (Director, Director of Photography, Grip, Gaffer, Assistant Camera, Producer, PA, Hair and Makeup)
Post-Production: Editing, Voice Over, Color Correcting, Music Composition and mastering.

Adventist Health – Esperanza

Staying on the Spanish language productions, here is another even more interesting campaign. The purpose of the series of commercials was to educate Spanish dominate working class families on proper dieting. How did we do that? Well we produced 10 TV commercials in the Telenovela style. Ever few weeks viewers would see another commercial that chronicled Esperanza’s journey. This was another very successful TV commercial campaign. See the other spots.

What we provided
Pre-Production: Location Scout, Auditions, shooting permits and props.
Production: Equipment (3 GH4 Ultra HD Cameras, supporting gear and lighting), Locations  and Crew (Director, Director of Photography, 2nd and 3rd Camera op, Grip, Producer, Hair and Makeup)

Post-Production: Editing,  Color Correcting, Music Composition and mastering.

Community Medical Center – White Board

Our illustrator Doug Morris and editor Jason Wada to produce this info-rich video on how and why an emergency room can become overcrowded and what can be done about it. The primary challenge of this production was showing ER patient images while observing patient privacy rules. Using photography would have required releases from those individuals shown in the video.

What we provided
Pre-Production: Storyboard and Script
Production: Equipment (Red Ultra HD Camera, White Board, supporting gear and lighting), Crew (Illustrator and Camera Op )
Post-Production: Edit, Voice Over and minor graphics.

Bakersfield Heart Hospital – More Hearts

Here is a beautiful spot we did for Scope Creative in Bakersfield for the Bakersfield Heart Hospital. This was a very unique spot to do because of the fact that we had to literally drop 10’s of thousands of little red paper hearts.

What we provided
Production: Equipment (Red Ultra HD Camera, supporting gear and lighting), Crew (Director of Photography, Grip, Gaffer, and PA)


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