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Phoenix and Arizona have a rich history in motion pictures and films.  This area is also a great location to shoot TV commercials and music videos. The volume of movie and film projects coming to Arizona has declined since the great recession, however, there is still some great opportunity for those in the film and video industry.  We at Blare Films took notice of the number of production studios with large green screens and cyc walls.  The number of sound stages is also impressive.  The amount of capable industry professional is underrated.  There are plenty of directors, producers, and crew members that can handle and sized movie project.

We invite industry professionals to stay up to date with all Phoenix area and Arizona video production news by frequently visiting this page. We include informative articles on the latest cameras and video production equipment coming to market. BLARE Films has tested many cameras in various landscapes, conditions and settings. Who better to give you feedback than the pros who you use the equipment every day.

We also provide important filming and videography information related to projects coming to Phoenix and all of Arizona.

Finally we keep you current with any casting calls and auditions. At Blare Films Arizona, not only are we bringing our years of expertise working in California, but we are trying to bring some of those projects and jobs here.

Innings Festival

Innings Festival

Innings Festival is a two-day featuring event for rockstars, pop stars and country performers,

Phoenix Lights

Phoenix Lights

The Phoenix Lights (sometimes called the “Lights over Phoenix”) was the unidentified flying objects

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