Panasonic GH4

Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) Camera

Panasonic GH4

Panasonic GH4

Panasonic GH4 or as we call it the GH4. It is the first 4k compact 4K camera that Panasonic produced. It is actually called the Lumix G DMC‑ GH4. At the time it was one of the top quality camera on the market. It was a real 4K resolution camera. Only the Red One, Alexa and Black Magic had 4K cameras on the market. Not hard to crack the top 10 or the top 5. It was not a full frame camera but that did not matter much. The image was still great. Plus it was cheap to buy. Under $2,000 for the body. The Alexa and Red where way more. The Black Magic was not that much more expensive but even though it had great image quality it was known to drop frames.

It did not take long for us at Blare Films to start using this camera to replace the Canon 5D Mark Three. The only issue was the audio. Just like the Canon 5D Mark Three you need to record the audio to an external audio device in order to get reliable audio. Little did we know that Panasonic already had a solution in the Yagh. It was actually call the Panasonic LUMIX DMW YAGH Interface Unit. It allowed us to somewhat runn reliable audio into the camera. It had two XLR audio inputs.  For outputs it had 4 SDI ports and a full HDMI port. The camera itself only have a micro HDMI output. Micro HDMI cable is not pro level reliable. It is great to plug and leave but not for constant plain in and out use. This interface worked great for interviews and for multiple camera shoots. It still was not too pricy, which is another bonus.

Another drawback is the lenses. Those darn Micro Four Thirds! If you are not a photographer you might not have many of those lenses in your arsenal. Thank God for Metabones! They made our use of our Cannon lenses possible. You do need rails at time in order to support the bigger soon lenses. Over all a great product for the price.

We still use the GH4 today. Mostly when we need to capture b-roll at an event. It’s size allows us to easy balance on a Ronin gimbal. The GH5 and Sony AS7ii are a little better in low light but the GH4 is still useful.

Panasonic Corporation

Panasonic founded in 1918. I first learned of them after seeing a boom box pumping breakdance music. It was great then and they have come a long ways. To learn more check out there: site

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