2D Animation Video

Dignity Health iPhone Video

Here is a fun 2D animation video that we created for Dignity Health. We have created numerous spots that are medical related. He have also done various 3D animation, whiteboard and AE graphics for our videos. This was the first time we did a 2D video that was medical related. The purpose of the video was to increase enrollment for the hospital’s self funded heath care.

Once we determined what needed to go into the spot we had our director Doug Morris come up with some ideas. He put a mock storyboard and concept together. Once some adjustment were made we sketched out the whole storyboard. Once that was approved we sent it out to our animators who reconstructed the storyboard into a cartoon like digital storyboard. Our animators and illustrators then brought the whole thing to life. The video had 4 characters exchanging information regarding the program over an iPhone.

Dignity Health is made up of more than 60,000 caregivers and staff who deliver excellent care to diverse communities in 21 states. Arizona, Nevada and California are the states with the most resources. Learn more about Dignity Health check out there: WEBSITE