Animation Film

This animation film trailer was one of our earlier projects. We work with Aftershock Studios to create this trailer. We help out with providing the crew. Behind our Red One UHD cameras was none other then Justin McAlleece. It was one of the first times we wouk with Troy Ruff a frequent Blare director of photography.  Him and Justin swicthed of throughout the film. The post-production team did a great job creating all the graphics. That included the CGI alien spaceships. That type of animation tacks some time.

The producers of the film were Matt Sconce and Gary Sconce. They are the founders of Aftershock Studios. This was just one of the many projects the two bothers have been on. We where happy they decided to work with is.

We shot this films shortly after recieving out Red One camera Ultra HD camera.  Red One was the first digital camera to shoot in 4k resolution. Where were on of the first companies to own this camera. Since then it has become the stadard in in digital film making. The Red Helium shuts up to 8K. Noe that is a lot of resolution  This is part of the reason Blare Films Arizona is one of the pioneers in Ultra High Definition movie making.

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