Arizona Home Builder Video

Morgan Taylor Homes is a top Arizona Home Builder. We were happy to work on this video project. The project included 3 videos. In this featured video, we introduce Morgan Taylor Homes in their “about us” video. Our producer worked closely with the builder’s marketing department. Scott Davis was our writer. He came up with the scripts and shot list. Arizona is beautiful but also very hot during certain times of the year. Unfortunately, our crew had to shoot this in one of the hottest days of the year. The interior stuff was not bad but the exterior was a bit of a challenge. We stayed hydrated and got it done. Mic Waugh was our director of photography. This footage was shot with the 8K Ultra HD Red Helium camera and a great collection of lenses. Jason Beddard was our grip. James Kelley helped out with the aerial footage. The team as a whole did a great job. We captured footage with actors at the Morgan Taylor Scottsdale office. We also captured some aerial footage there in the early morning. We then head out to a completed home in Rio Verde. The next day was the hot one. We started off getting outdoor b-roll in North Scottsdale, New River, Phoenix and Cave Creek.

Once the filming was completed the footage went to our post-production department for transcoding, editing, and coloring. Drew Carpenter was our voice talent. Once the voice-over was recorded we started piecing all the videos together. Our actors were Tori Glawe-Osborn (wife) and Dustin Pennington (husband). They were naturals. Mauricio Tapia overlooked the post-production at our editing center. We are happy to complete all 3 videos and can not wait to do others.

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