Arizona Music Video – Ava Terry “You”

It was a pleasure to work on this Arizona Music Video. Terey Summers reached out to our Phoenix video production office and started working with our producers to develop the budget. A team was put together and a location was selected. We ended up shooting this inside the Elks Theater located in Prescott, Arizona. This was shot in early December. It was a day after a small snowstorm. We didn’t have trouble reaching the theater, however, it was very cold for Arizona. Luckily for us, we did not spend a lot of time outside. Our grip Jason Bedard and PA Kira Romaneschi did have to spend most of the time outside. They did a great job lighting, including being able to pump in HMI light from outside a second-story window.

Jason Ryan was our director. Annalisa Stahler came up with the treatment. She worked with the director to develop the shooting script. Kyle Groop was behind the camera and gimbal shots. It was a long day but we captured some beautiful shots. The gracious and talented Ava Terry made it all possible. She was so easy and incredibly sweet to work with. She is a true artist on the rise.

After the shoot, the footage found it was to our editing center. Mauricio Tapia stitched all the shots together. The edit was a task because movements and artist movements need to match up. Great job from our post-production team.

A little something from artist management:

Emotions run wild in this song for anyone who has ever felt lost and alone. A relatable song about finding that one person who is by your side in an empty world. Uplifting and dramatic lyrics tell a story that will bring goosebumps in the tear-jerking crescendo. This song will take you on a journey of desperation, hope and love all at the same time.

The music was produced by Music Production: Ryan Wenzel of Arrowhead Studios in Arizona.

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