Auto Commercial

Own A Car – Trey Tosh

Own A Car want a commercial produced to run during the Super Bowl.  The trick was we had to find a cool way to feature rising music artist Trey Tosh.  This auto commercial is what we came up with. It was a lot of fun to shoot with Trey Tosh and his band and we had a great time throwing an “impromptu” party on top of the tallest parking structure in Fresno with a great shot of downtown. We shot the spot with our Red Epic Ultra HD Camera, Canon L series lenses and a Canon 5D Mark 3. Justin McAleece and Ian McAleece shared DP credits along with Jordan Esswein as AC and Jeff Smith as Key Grip. The spot starred Jeslen Mishelle Saenz, Brandon Cash, Ro Leon and Several others. Ro Leon was also responsible for casting all the extras for this commercial. Thanks to everyone for showing up and helping us make a successful spot.