Beautiful Music Video

Kriti Sharma – Baby What You Mean to Me

It takes a good eye to create a beautiful music video. Luckily our music video producer have that skill. As do our directors of photography. This video originated out of Los Angeles. Executive Producer Vikas Mehandroo met with our producer Ro Leon to plan out the shoot. Once of the things that we needed to look for was a scenic landscape. Sand or even salt flats. We also needed a luxury pool and a house for some interior shots. We needed to also needed to produce a subtle storyline. One where boyfriend is called off to duty leaving girlfriend sad and depressed. The recording artist was Kriti Sharma and the tile of the song was “Baby What You Mean To Me.” Kriti Sharma was featured on MTV India Splitsvilla reality show. She was so easy and great to work with. She also sang a beautiful song that just added to the production. We started our day at a small villa with this awesome pool. After filming the pool scenes in the morning we when inside to do a piano scene. After that we headed out to the Death Valley. That is where we shot the desert scenes. We arrived right before sunset. It was hot and windy but it was worth it. To finish the video off we drove through the Las Vegas strip.  This was one beautiful music video that we are very proud of.  Video was directed be Ro Leon, shot by Justin McAleece and BLARE Films crew. Our post-production team finished off with a superb edit. We were happy with the video and so were the artist and producer. We hope she has a long career!

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