Bluegrass | Folk Music Video

For triditional bluegrass and folk music fans this video is for you! This song in this video is tiltle, “Hung Up Alone.” It is preformed by the Britished duet Copper Viper. Robin Joel Sangster and Duncan Menzies form this folk/bluegrass duet.  The song starts off the song with a molasses smooth delivery of an a cappella section. What an introduction to the duet and their transcendent vocal appeal. Then, the violin strings sing and the guitar strums like the chugging of a moving train. It will make you want to get up and grab a whisky bottle, Jameson preferably. Most might be surprised to hear this type of barn-stomping music come from London, however, the true roots of folk and bluegrass music originate from the British Isles though they were brought to the Appalachian mountains years and years ago. A similar typical band can consist of 5 instruments, but we found that what these two can do with only two instruments to be truly remarkable.

From the outset, the song hooks you and continues to reward the listener for a short and sweet 3 minutes. The themes of loss and relationship complications dominates the B-story in this video and it ends up with the characters drowning their sorrows quite effectively with a shared bottle of whisky. There’s something timeless about two friends commiserating over a drink or ten about lost loves and failed connections. Justin McAleece did a great job directing the talent. Just as equally important, director of photography Ian McAleece selected and dialed in every shot. We wanted to pay attention to every detail like Copper Viper did with their song and even selected a special “look” for the post production coloring. Ryan Gibson as grip and Mehran Heard as the production assistant rounded out the rest of the Blare crew.

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