Cajun Style Restaurant Commercial

Who is your daddy at this cajun style restaurant? The only answer for this is Crawdaddy’s. There are not too many options for for those that love cajun food on the west coast. That is why we were happy to get contacted by this restaurant. The was part of a larger campaign TV commercial campaign. Over all we wrote a drew storyboards fo a 60 second commercial, a 30 second and two 15 second spots. Shooting food is always a challenge. You can make it look good for people sitting down but it is harder to make it look good for TV. Lighting is also an issue because most dine in restaurants are dimly lit. Luckily, we have plenty going for us. First off we were able to bring in all the proper lighting. Second we had the Red Epic Dragon with a wide range of color capture. We shot the footage in 6k ultra HD. Like always the food is fresh so that also helps.

What else help this commercial turn out great was the talent and real patrons. Some of them had little to know experience infant of a camera. You could not tell thanks to our seasoned director Doug Morris. Once the footage was captured it went to our editing center. There, our team drop in a few graphics, stitched it together and did a color correct.  We hope you enjoy the video and go out to visit our friends at this cajun style restaurant.


Crawdaddy’s is a cajon and bayou style restaurant. Not many places where you can find these mouth watering flavors. In addition to great for they have tons of beers on tap. The coldest in town as describe by many. You can order any drink you please or you can check out their specialty drink menu. That menu was put together by mixologist Marianna Lopez. During football season there is no better place to watch your games.

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