Caribbean Pop Music Video

We had the pleasure of working with Caribbean pop star D.B.L.  This music video was produced for a track titled “Another Round.” The song is upbeat and rhythmic. It will make you want to move your feet and hips. The sound is like a smorgasbord of tropical flavors. The artist is from the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia so it is no surprise that the song incorporates solid reggae roots. The style is in the vein of early island reggae, hip-hop, pop, and R&B. It’s a bit eclectic but very fun. This track is part of 2 new releases from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jackie Jackson’s record label “Critically Amused.”

For the D.B.L. video, we tried to recreate the vibes and plot from the song. The central story is based around a chance meeting and potentially a missed connection. In the first part of the song, our DP Ian McAleece captures the flirtatious moment of eye contact and the fun that followed as D.B.L. builds up the courage to ask her to dance. After the couple works their assets on the dance floor they go off for a walk around the beach. Not wanting the day to end D.B.L invites her to an afternoon pool party. She never shows… which builds up to the moment when she finally shows up at the after party. That is when everything kicks up a notch and everyone really starts grooving. That is also the moment when we get to see D.B.L. show off the dances moves that first caught Jackie and the whole Jackson Family’s eye. The video has great energy as directed by Justin McAleece. Eric Mathis our grip and Joseph Moffitt our assistant director rounded out the crew. Blare producer Ro Leon helped piece together the locations, talent, and crew.

D.B.L. is an artist on the rise. He has been featured and many Las Vegas and Caribbean Island TV news stories. Keep up with him!
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