Casino Commercial

We had a chance to work on a this casino commercial. In this project we had the last of making a man fly. In the past we have had to make remote controlled top planes, UFOs and balloons fly. We have even mades owls talk and not fly away. However, we have made a mall fly. We have made them fall but that is a little different. No problem though. We do what we can and we will make it look real. This is what we had to do for an advertise agency out of North Dakota. The agencies name is KK BOLD.  They came up with the concept and creativity. The came out to the West Coast to meetup up with our crew. We where happy to use our RED Epic Dragon Ultra HD camera package. Include our cinematic lens kit. Zeiss was the right tense brad for this project. We had Domenic Barbero operate the camera. The gaffer that helped us rig everything was Casey Schmidt. Justin McAleece flew in to direct this casino commercial. . Once the project was wrapped the footage found its way back to our editing center. Our talented post-production team work on the edit and graphics. Joe Monroe was the talent/stunt man. He wore his harness well. And that was good because we had to hoist him several times. We had a great time with this project. Anytime you work on a casino spot you have the opportunity to make great things happen.

If you are ever in the area don’t hesitate to stop by. You do not actually need to fly in. You can drive and they don’t have an airport or balloon pad. Check out their website: Red Wind Casino