College TV Commercial 

For years now we have been hire to shoot college commercials for Kaplan College. All of them have been for and or a blast. This one was no different. This video featured on the page is part of a series of TV and cable commercial spots. Part of Kaplan’s “Just Saying” campaign that uses this slang term to nail a point. The urban dictionary defines this statement as, “a phrase used to indicate that we refuse to defend a claim we’ve made—in other words, that we refuse to offer reasons that what we’ve said is true.” Put into context, when using those words at the end of a sentence, is used as a tact. In other words it helps not to offend, when pointing out someone might not being doing everything that is best for that person. In this commercial our actor hit’s his friend with those words. He also used to reinforce the point.  The point being importance of higher learning. The commercials all did great. We are happy Windsongs hired us to film the project. Their director Byron is great at his trade and a pleasure to work with. As are Windsongs’ producers. On the Blare Film’s side Ian McAleece did the majority of the lighting and Justin McAleece operated our RED One Camera.

Kaplan provides training for students pursuing careers as medical assistants, medical billing and coding specialists, respiratory care specialists, veterinary technicians, and criminal justice workers. The school is currently permitting students to enroll in classes for a brief period before being charged any tuition.

Kaplan strives to improve students’ self-esteem while providing exceptional, hands-on training. The school provides students with resources to achieve their career goals. Read More

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