Commercial Spot

Here is a TV Commercial Spot we production for Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier & Remington Eyecare. This is actuall on in a 4 commerical series. What was great about the commercial was the location. We shot this on a football field. Not just any field it is the home of the Bulldogs. The Bulldog is th team mascott of the California State University – Fresno sports team. And yes that includes the football team. We produced this spot like a man on the street interview. Our friend and sportcaster Dana Green conducted the interviews. We would say he was a natural but it is what he does for a living. Mike McHugh was interviewed on the field. He was the Director of Football Operations. Reason why Mike McHugh was interviewed was not because of a Bulldog bowl game win. It was becasue the director of football ops had the LASIK procedure. It was shot in the middle of the hot summer but that didn’t prevent us for shooting a great commerical. As usual, we shot this with our go to Ulta High Def camera, the Red. The interview itself was great. Our interviewee stressed how he can see his team better. This commercial was directed by established director Doug Morris. He also wrote the outline for the spot. He used our local production crew to shoot and outdoor light the shooting area. It was great for Blare to be a part of this project. The 3 found fathers of Blare all attended the university. So it is mandatory to write, “go dogs!”

To learn more about his procedure check out Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier & Remington Eyecare’s website.

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