TV Commercial

EECU – Red Seats

When you are tasked with shooting four commercials in 6 hours inside and out, across a big location and with a lot of ground to cover, the pre-production is crucial. For these commercials we did a lot of scouting and planning and actually decided to shoot and cut a non-lit, stand-in version of the spots well before the big day. Because we were able to spend the time to edit them and really understand what we were required to get to make the pieces work we were able to be really efficient on set. The whole process turned out pretty smooth and we ended up with four commercials that all have a unique take on what Educational Employee’s Credit Union (EECU) can do for you. The Carr Brothers were a joy to work with and we look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate. We hope to do more rewarding work like this project. The commercial was produced by BLARE Media and Windsong Productions for the Jeffrey Scott Agency.

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