Downtown Shopping Commercial

Getting people to downtown has always been an issue for many large cities. The smaller towns have better luck. Usually their shops have charm and history. It is also easier for the resident to swing by since there aren’t as many options. This commercial was created to invite everyone to shop in downtown Clovis and the whole city. Clovis is a town located next to Fresno, California. Like many towns and small cities across the USA, Clovis has character and charm. You can find coffee shops, antiques and western stores to shopping centers and a mall. You might be surprised at what you find.

What was great about this project is that it is in our corporate offices’ backyard. Our editing center in about 10 miles away from the downtown. There were still some obstacles that we had to overcome. First, was that we had to make this commercial look festive. Production on this start prior to the festive season.  Second, since the central idea is to show people shopping that is what we did. However, we couldn’t really show any brand names or overly specific purchases. Third, we have to show as much of the Clovis downtown spots and shopping centers as much as possible. The catch on this one is that we had to be conscious to never single any shops out. This led to some creative ways for us to get logos and storefronts out of the shots.

Suzanne of BERTZ-ROSA came up with the concept. Hilary Malveaux and  Andrew Toschi helped with the direct the spot. It took us two days to fulfill our shot list. We used our Red Epic camera, lens kit, lighting and grip gear. We had to plan for a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting implements and settings. We can wait to do more work with the BERTS-ROSA team.

About Clovis:
Before the this area became a city it was just a railroad stop.  Read More

About Bertz-Rosa
Bertz-Rosa | Strategy & Creative is the inspiration of Suzanne Bertz-Rosa, See their: Site

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