Gated Community Video

Blare Films has the ability to create a video from concept to creation. However, we frequently work with ad agencies and studios to create some of our best work. This video project was no exception. Part of the reason is because we team up with Some Studios to produce this video. Like other project in which we help on, Scope Studios took care of all the pre-production. The nail down the scrip, cast talent and find locations. This make it to where we just need to show up and make sure everything we film looks great. For this video we did just that. The talent all did a great job. It was shot in the middle of summer so it was hot. While we did shoot on and near a pool we never got to jump in. For this video we used our Red Epic Dragon camera. It shoots up to 6k resolution. The prime lease kit was crucial for the final results. We were able to mount that camera on a 12’ slider and rails. We brought out our video production crew and grip truck. Hope you liked this gated community video.

About Castle & Cook
The are a builder with in depth know of the housing market. They make sure their developments are family oriented. As show on this video they offer a lot to their residents. They don’t even need to leave to have a good time.

For more information check out their website: Castle & Cooke

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