Health Conference Video

Smarter Science of Slim

This health conference was about SANE. SANE is rooted in the proven modern science (references, bibliography) that fat gain and diabetes are NOT caused by character flaws. They are caused by processed low-quality foods breaking your brain, hormones, and gut. We believe that the most affordable, enjoyable, and sustainable approach to fat loss and health is eating so much SANE whole food, that you are too full for low-quality obesity- and diabetes-causing processed packaged food. We provide online tools, resources, coaching, and support, to help you eat more—smarter—as easily as possible.

Jonathan Bailor has compiled every clinical study he could find and written a book to get to the truth dispel the myths and make slim, simple again. Our Blare Films Arizona team shot this health conference to help him make a great video trailer to show what he has done, what he is all about and what he has to say. We were helped by two  skillful videographers on cameras. We also used the new Matthews DC-Slider for all the jib and slider shots. It is a great piece of technology and if you are interested, I highly suggest a rental to check it out. The piece was shot with a Canon 5D and RED Epic. Look out for a new video we are working on with Jonathan. Hopefully it will become an Internet sensation.

Whether it’s coaching, meal plans, instant answers, eLearning, exercise videos, recipes, New York Times bestselling books, fun apps, patented technology, radio shows, or Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Mayo Clinic doctor endorsed science, enjoy everything you need to eat more, burn more, and smile more, by Going SANE!

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