Health Promotion Video

Here is a Health Promotion Video we shoot in 2010. It this video we sat down with some people that were have health problems. Through there life change eating habits the whee able to get back on track. One thing that was stress on this video was that it is not always about how much you eat. It’s about what you eat. Everyone thinks that as long as you don’t eat too much fatty foods you are ok but that is not the case. This is a video we created for health buff, Jonathan Bailor. Mr Bailor says, “A proven lifestyle for long-term health. Evidence that eating less and exercising more is harmful. Endorsed by the world-wide scientific community. Approved curriculum for RDs by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Eat smarter. Exercise smarter. Live better.”

This is important to know because people spend billions diet foods, pills and potions every year. They want to lose weight, stay fit and healthy. Jonathan Bailor presents his clinical studies. He found it necessary to tell the truth and dispel the myths. His goal is to make slim easy again. We shot this speaking engagement he had in Seattle to help him make a great video trailer to show what he has done, what he is all about and what he has to say.

Our video production crew did a great job. We used a 9 foot jib, a dana dolly and a Matthews slider to get some motion in our shots It is a great piece of technology and if you are interested, I highly suggest a rental to check it out. The video was shot with several different cameras. Look out for a new video we are working on with Jonathan. Hopefully he will become an Internet sensation. We would also like to continue in putting together another Health Promotion Video.

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