History Video of Raisins – CRMB

It took time and research to create this history video. Our blare Films’ director Doug Morris worked the pre-production for a couple of months. This project also took a lot of planning. We had to collect enough content for a series of videos. This first history video was just the start. Once the scripts and storyboard where created it was time for our production staff to go to work. We had our director of photography work mulitple days. Somedays were where captuing b-roll, interviews the next, and 4k aerials on another. There were other days that we did a bit of evrything. We also set up time-lapse cameras to run continuously for months. There was a shot in which we watch grapes grow from flowering.  Our Red Epic Dragon Ultra HD camera was very handy. As was our 4k aerial drones/ Blare Films’ post-production team came up with the graphics. Under the direction of Doug Morris our post-production team brought this to life.

Some Background

In 1986 this same California Raisin Marketing Board launched an epic campaign. The used a Motown classic song. It was Marvin Gaye rendition of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.”  So the song was not what made it memerable, although it did help. What made this a smash where the animated raisins. You had a whole group of them. One that looked like and wore the Ray Charles glasses and another that resembeled and dance like Michael Jackson. It would gone viral in these day. Still it was an incedible success. It was a large investment by the board but one that paided off, big time! You could never here that song again without thinking about California Raisins. That was a great for branding but now they are pivoting to focus on the trade market.  This means targeting China and Japan. It total we produced nine video to promote California Raisins world wide. Providing support to our Blare Film’s team was Kazarian, Kister & Schutz. This whole project would not be possible without Doug Morris. To see his work go HERE

About CRMB

The California Raisin Marketing Board was started in 1998. It was part of a State Marketing Order. The whole project was funded by the California growers. The reason the California Raisin Marketing Board was to develop marketing activities in order to increase the demand for the raisins and it’s by products. To learn more click HERE