Infomercial Production

Here is an informercial production we help shoot many years back. It was only a 3 minute spot but it still had a strong call to action. We where hired through JP Marketing to help create this for Flip N Cook. Byron Watkins was the director on set.He did a great job assisted by the Blare crew. The storyboard was well put together. It was the perfect blueprint for us to follow. It has us shooting all over the place. This informercial was produced bb produced by Jane and Sara. They both represent JP Marketing. Justin and Nicole McAleece of BLARE Films also assisted in the production of the spot. Ian McAleece was the Cinematographers on some of the spots. Justin was the director of Photography on others. These were actually a series of informercial spots. We provide the camera and G&E packages with the help of Greg Amaro and Richard. Also assisting behind a second camera was Jason Sanders and Blake Hooks. Belin Parks kept the talent looking camera ready.  Nicole McAleece was also a Script Supervisor. I don’t know about you but watch this spot makes me hungry. Infomercials are some are sometime long and strenuous to work on. Lucky for us we had a great team to work with. I want to cook myself. Thanks everyone for their help in the Infomercial Production.

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