Learning Platform Video

This is the first learning platform video we have created for Cengage. They have been a client for a few years. We created this cool video walking through their office. Follow this link to check it out: Corporate Office Video

There are many things we liked about working on this video. Starting the video with a little humor was the first thing. The second was that we were able to showcase our lighting skills. Our directors of photography don’t like boring and plain backgrounds. The challenge was that we had to shoot the interviews in a certain conference room. The danger with filming someone against a plain wall is that it give no depth to the shot. It almost looks like the interviewee has their back on the wall. We were also faced with a seem that was impossible to keep out of the shot. So to overcome what was noted, we got creative. Our lighting team setup the usual light kit. However, they included lights with different color gels. This allowed us to throw some red, blue and purple colors on the wall. The effect was a great looking color gradient behind the interviewees.

We had a 4 person crew on this shoot. Our director of photography was behind the Red Epic Dragon. He had a comprehensive lens kit to work with. We had a director coaching the interviewees. The grip helping out with the lighting. And, last but not least, a makeup artist making sure everyone was camera ready.

Once we brought the footage back to our video editing center it was turned over to our post-production team. They were able to show off their skills. The cut it together and added the graphics. We were excited to complete this learning platform video for Cengage.

To learn more about Cengage visit their website: Click Here

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