Medical Center TV Commercial

Community Regional Medical Center

Working on medical center TV commercial is what we do often. However, there are moments when you realize you were are of something great. That is very satisfying as a video professional. This spot was just that. Thanks to the whole team we were able to capture a handful of beautiful moments and tell a complete story. It seemed like everything just fell in place. Like the actors, lighting, wardrobe and direction. The spot was shot by Blare Films Arizona’s  Justin McAleece with Ian McAleece and Jeff Ervin as gaffers. It was directed by Byron Watkins of Windsong Productions for Five Creative Group. We used our Epic Camera with Bloomers Custom Diffusion.” The spot starts off inside of a pre-school. As we see a child doing a kind gesture to another. The camera incredibly caught wide range of colors in the room. The second scene was in a living room as a mother hand over her baby to her own mother. The lighting in this shot was critical and so well done. Then we go out to race track. That is where we capture the grandpa/grand son moment. A tricky shot to get for some but not for Blare. The next shot is back in a house as an older couple dances. That is when the video takes a turns. We see the ER followed be a shot in the surgery room. The video is a minute long. It is worth  watching.  Best when to understand the whole message.

We have add medical relate contact to our field of expertise. There is a lot that goes into creating this type of content. There are many privacy and claims laws that need to be followed. It is not unusual to have a compliance person working next to a script supervisor. For sample of our work video our medical work page.