Micro Brew Company Video

Harpoon Brewery

Here is a company video we created for IMERYS. The video features Harpoon Brewer and their employees. For those that love their IPAs this is a chance to take a look inside the brewery. We grabbed some great interior and exterior shots of the operation. We also shot the employees doing their thing. This company video is actually a testimonial. Our Harpoon brewmaster talks about using the IMERYS instruments. This is one of the many client testimonial videos that we have created. A few of them for this same company. IMERYS is our client in this production. They are a French multinational company.  They create mining and monitoring gadgets that help the industrial minerals. Some of those materials are used in the products we use and consume every day. So it might be a surprise to some that is also includes beer. Lucky for us beer lovers. Harpoon Brewery is one of their clients that utilizes their filtration minerals to make an already amazing tasting beer even better! Flare Films Arizona’s Justin McAleece was the DP on this shoot. He led our production crew. The entire crew had a great time! We where able to bring some Harpoon IPAs back to cap off our day. Once everything was shot our post-production staff took over. The editing process was seamless. The whole staff at Harpoon Brewery and IMERYS was a delight to work with. Safe to say we look forward to the next shoot. We hope you all enjoy the cinematography in this video production. Our whole team did a great job bringing it to life. This Harpoon Brewery Company Video shows you who they are.

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