Music Video Parody

Blue Kai – Ad Tech Style

This project was a whole lot of fun! In the midst of PSY fever we were approached by a technology company called Blue Kai.  Blue Kai is a big player in the Advertising Tech Sector, meaning that they deal with web marketing data. It may not be the sexiest of topics so they came to us to help make a great parody of the smash hit song with new lyrics that better fit their company. Producer Ro Leon jumped at the chance to create something funny and unusual for this type of company.  After many years of producing corporate videos for these type of company it felt like we had our handcuffs taken off. We shot it all in one day on the Canon 5DmkII. It was directed by Punit Dhesi, shot by Justin McAleece and Jeff Smith was the gaffer.  What was so great about this Music Video Parody was that, the companies own employees played all the characters in the video.