National TV Spot 

American HomePatient  – Wake Up

We have been creating local and National TV spot for years now. Here is a great commercial that we created for American HomePatient. This was through 183 Degrees. They hired us and team us with their director Rory Phoenix. My phoenix directed the commercial spot. They were also in charge of coming up with the creative. Once they had that in place they handed it to us. We casted the actors including the talking owl. Actually, we brought two owls in just incase one got stage fright. This was all thanks to the Chaffee Zoo. We provide the studio otptions. We ended of shooting this inside in our Los Angeles studio. It took us a day to build this set and paint it. Good thing we didn’t wait to watch the paint dry.The next day we loaded the props and finised the design. The green screen was very usefull. We shout out the window of our built set with and with out the Owl. We also recorded the owl just standing on a pirch infront of the green screen for several minutes. Justin McAleece our Phoenix director of photography was behind the Red Epic Ultra HD camera. He did a great job capturing the images. Jon somthing was our gaffer. Once all was shot it headed to our video production editing center. Once there our editor Jason Wada got onto the animation the owl’s mouths. Meanwhile, our other post-production team members selected cuts and music. The whole edit was time consuming. However, it was so worh it.  We are even more happy to see this national TV spot air across the United States.