Pharmaceutical Video

Our Phoenix video production team shot this pharmaceutical video in Houston. For years our goal at Blare was to have team throughout the West Coast, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. For time to time we need to bring in our Phoenix team to cover some areas. Here is a video where we used a local team with out of area reinforcements. The video starts off with a time-lapse that we captured on the first day of our shoot. Then we go into capturing interviews. Ricardo Jimenez was the first person we interviewed. He gave us the big picture idea of the company. Francesca Vitelli who is the head of process development was the second person we interviewed. She gave us a more detailed description of what they do. It was great working with both of them. The where every natural in front of a camera.

The goal of this pharmaceutical video was to showcase the company, its employees and the new facility. To do this our team captured B-roll footage throughout the facility. It was a very large. We capture footage in your typical office settings. Then we went into some very sterile areas. Our video crew had to wear protective clothing so the didn’t contaminate anything. It was incredible to see all the different machinery being used to create the medicines. The process is also complex and careful. Raw materials come into the warehouse supply chain. Then those samples get take to the supply chain dock before they make it to the quality control lab. That is where the use all the fancy analysis equipment. After that some of it going into the manufacturing area. This is all that we captured with the Red Epic Dragon. Our Ultra HD camera with an assortment of lenses.

Once we got the footage back to our editing center our post-production team got to work. The were able to piece together a story from the two interviews. Once that was put together the started adding B-roll footage. They also imported some CAD drawings and added some graphical effects.

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