Plumbing Commercial

So, how do you make a plumbing commercial? Well that was what we had to find out once Scope Studios hit us up. They had a client named Gundlach’s Plumbing out of  Services of Bakersfield. No challenge if too hard. Especially if we are involved in the creative process. We had a house to shoot in for 3 days. From those 3 days of shooting we needed to shoot two separate storylines a day. They all needed to be unique. The next challenge was that the house also needed to look different.  So we needed 6 standalone stories. The good thing is we had plenty of time to plan and prepare. After it was all said and done the campaign was largely successful. Scope was in charge of writing the scripts, we just brought them to life based on their direction.  Justin McAleece was the director. Ian McAleece was on the DP behind our Red Epic Dragon camera system. We had our crew provide the lighting, gear and electrical from our grip van. We are happy to be able to provide this type of support for Scope Studios.

About the Client

Gundlach’s Plumbing and Sheet Metal has been servicing the Bakersfield area for over 100 years. They have built their name, brand a reputation base on integrity and innovation. From plumbing to  air conditioning, and heating. needs of Bakersfield, Servicing and repairing plumbing or HVAC systems. One of their slogans is, “Today’s technology with good old-fashioned integrity.”