Pop Music Video

Katja Glieson – Look at Us

Blare Films has been working with Director Christian Strickland for years now.  Christian has a knack for making music video for proven music artist and rising stars.  For this pop music video we had the joy to film Katja Glieson.  Katja Glieson is definitely a rising star in the world of pop music and we were happy to work on her debuting Music Video. Our Phoenix Blare Films Arizona’s team took the lead in shooting this video.  Justin McAleece was the director of photography, Ian McAleece was our grip and Ro Leon was the 1st AC. For this exciting pop music video we had a large studio to enable to capture the very solid dance number and the fun red carpet shots. Most of the studio was blasted six thousand watts of tungsten lights. We also built out a photo booth. We lit it very brightly with a lot of pop and a lot of color and shot it in a simple but dynamic way. We used our Red Epic Ultra HD camera with Canon lenses and large tungsten lighting and we were really happy with the look we were able to get. He even rolled in a cherry picker to get the over head shots. Katja was was so easy to work with and the producer Ben did a fantastic job putting everything together. The entire production team was really fun and we are hoping this will be a great first step on her way to stardom!