Pop Music Video

Nancy Diaz – California Dreams

Nancy Diaz is an awesome performer from Toronto. Ro Leon met with her in our Los Angeles office and made this music video for her song California Dreams. The concept revolves around some patently Canadian hijinks of a stalkerish character who is following her in the hopes of becoming her new boyfriend. We also see the trials and tribulations Nancy’s character must face as she imagines herself as a star. Whether it’s her PR crew trying to nip, tuck and manipulate their way to success or the problems one might face on a modern day talk show, this is our attempt at satirizing the life of a current-day pop star. We shot the music video with the Red Epic Camera with Canon lenses and a variety of HMI, Tungsten and Fluorescent lighting. We used our studio down in Phoenix, Arizona for the black and white shots, Malibu for the Beach shots and a dream home in San Diego.  This is a pop music video that was very enjoyable to work on.  It was produced by Ro Leon, directed by Punit and shot by Justin McAleece, al video production phoenix team members.