Rap Music Video

Tell Me Why

When it come to making a great rap music video Blare Films is known for putting out quality. Though out California, Nevada and Arizona Blare Films has been helping music artist look great in their videos for years now.

“In this rap music video we had the opportunity to work with Mario Street and Platinum recording rap artist Twista.  We also worked with other up and coming artist from the Royal Movement record label. It was a pleasure to work with these guys,” says Roy Leon a director/producer at Blare Films.

A majority of this video was shot in south Chicago.  The neighborhood was one of the roughest neighbor in the Mid West.  This is why it earned the name “Chi-raq.  Less then a year earlier Spike Lee shot a documentary title after the neighborhood. An abandoned paint warehouse made the perfect backdrop for the Lamborghini performance shot. A majority of the storyline was also shot there.

The rooftop performance with Twista was shot a few miles north of the downtown. The location gave us a great view of the city skyline.  The whether did not cooperate, however, the post-production team was able to pull out some color from the background.

The video was directed by Ro Leon and shot by Blare Films Chicago crew.  The editing was done in our California headquarters.

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