RV Commercial

Leale’s RV

Here is the first RV commercial that we produced.  Shot and edited in 2006 using our Sony Z1 HD camera.  This spot was shot by Blare Films Arizona’s Justin McAleece.  Our Blare Films crew assisted with the lighting and helping us rig the right shots.  Our production capabilities have come a long way.  Still we started off strong with this TV Commercial.  This set the tone for want Blare Films could do.  We help the client with the script and casted the talent.  We scouted a great spot to park the RV near the beach.  We continue to work with RV dealers across the United States.  We know this commercial spot had a lot to do with our success.  Our expertise is making TV commercials.  We have show that we can shoot cars, trucks, motorcycles and even RVS.