Superman vs Batman Drone Commercial

We can truly say we had a blast creating this Superman vs Batman Drone Commercial. Propel is a long time client of ours. Great they are back in action with two of the most iconic superheroes. Although, both of the Superman and Batman drone were in the commercial, it featured the amazing Batwing RC Drone.

The great thing about working with Propel is that we can work on our own. We are given an outline and the drone toys. Then it is up to us how we want to bring their idea to life.For this Superman vs Batman Drone Commercial we followed the same format. We spent a couple of weeks planning, plotting and building out the set. It was all shot in our corporate headquarters. Jason Wada directed the spot. He was also responsible for creating the storyboard. Alan Agazarian was instrumental in the buildout of the miniature city. It was his rendition of Gotham City. As you can see in the video we used many small buildings. Each building had its own lighting. We laid out streets with street and stop lights. We even include cars. Our team combined their talents to do an incredible job.

Then came the day of the shoot. Our ace director of photography, Ian McAleece, was behind our RED Epic Dragon. Again the direction came from Jason Wada. Jeremiah Tobar was the grip on set. He help setup the studio lighting and ran the smoke machine. Alan Agazarian and Jimmy Cosentino help pilot the drones.

Our team may have had a better time building out this set than actually shooting it. All in all it was a blast. We look forward to see what other toy drones Propel comes up with. We know it will be fun. Most importantly, I know we will be up for the task.

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