Weight Loss Infomercial


Here is an informercial for a weight loss product. The name is Lipexin. It is an amazing new supplement that really seems to work! We shot this spot in our Phoenix studio and were lucky to work with one of our old friends Becca Davenport. She was a great sport through the course of a number of different commercials and did a great job! It was edited by Jason Wada and shot by Justin McAleece.

LIPEXIN™ is able to generate unparalleled appetite suppression, craving control and weight loss in part because of NOPE (n-oleoyl phosphatidyl ethanolamine), a groundbreaking, patented and CLINICALLY TESTED nutraceutical developed in Europe which actually works to block the body’s hunger signal from the STOMACH TO THE BRAIN, essentially telling your body it is not hungry. It also controls harmful cravings for sugary, high glycemic, and fat laden foods that wreak havoc on our weight loss goals and lead to layers of harmful body fat. Read More