Whiteboard Video

Here is a whiteboard video we created for Altametrics. This was the 2nd in a series of two videos. The videos were used to promote this company on Hula®  and Restaurant®.  The company provides enterprise solutions to small businesses and restaurants. So the task here was to come up with something creative that still drives a point. Instead of saying a metaphor we drew one. To describe this metaphor we came up with a character named Jebediah. Interesting attire you, may ask yourself, when watching this video. We timeline for our story was before Christ when people first startled using wheels. Our go to artist for this was Doug Morris. He came up with the concept. Then he drew a storyboard. Once that was approved we filming him hand-drawing the illustrations on the whiteboard. It is a very interesting process. The voice of God came from voice over talent Jim Tuck. We hand a great time putting this together. Even the music selection was interesting. Our editor and the whole post-production team did a great job with the art. When it comes to whiteboard videos we have gotten pretty good at creating them. We are happy the campaign was successful.  You can check out the rest of these time of videos on our YouTube channel Just click on Blare YouTube Channel

Here is another similar video that we created for a solar power company. Whiteboard Commercial 
We did mix in some 2D graphics into the video to make it a bit more dynamic.We hope you like them both.