Workout Club Video

The Bar Method

Before we into this workout video lets get some history. Several decades ago, founder Ellen Burr dreamt of an exercise technique that would give students beautiful, lean, toned and healthy bodies for life and would help empower them to realize their own dreams. She started with an exercise technique she loved, The Lotte Berk Method, and fine-tuned its exercises by drawing on the knowledge of physical therapists.

Touch a Bar Method student’s thighs. You’ll feel hard, lean muscle, harder and leaner than in the legs of runners, spinners and weight lifters. How does the Bar Method produce this high degree of muscle density? And what does muscle density have to do with being lean in the first place?

Well that is what you will have to learn by joining a Bar Method club near year. The concept was a success. Now there are locations across the USA. For this workout promo video we had the opportunity to interview the local Bar Methods owner, Jennifer, the manager and some of the club members. Our DP Ian McAleece was on the Red and Jeremy help setup lighting.

For more on this local Bar Method check out their site.