Red Scarlet Dragon

Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD)

Red Scarlet Dragon

Red Scarlet Dragon

Red Scarlet Dragon is one of the most interesting cameras out there because not only does it manage to bring in front a great set of features, such as 6K support, but it’s designed as a stunning, wonderful and truly pleasing experience that you will enjoy for sure.

Right off the bat, the Red Scarlet Dragon is designed in order to offer you a great, easy to use and exciting experience that will translate onto the screen when the video project gets released.


Just like I mentioned earlier, the Red Scarlet Dragon is simply stunning from a design perspective. Despite having a ton of great features embedded in it, this is a compact and very professional camera, one that actually manages to deliver great experiences all around without a lot of hassle.

They focus on great native designs and each button is offering immediate access to the features you might want, which is really cool.


There’s a ton of stuff to like on the Red Scarlet Dragon and which makes it perfect for your video project. It offers a great color science that provides better contrast, a more softer skin tone and a major focus on the primary colors which is very important!

The device also offers lens compatibility with other manufacturers, something you will appreciate if you don’t want to purchase new accessories as you already got the ones for your older camera!

They integrated a higher dynamic range that delivers seamless results for your entire video shooting and they also integrate low light capabilities in there as well, not to mention that you can easily shoot at ISO 2000 without a problem.

Since the design is so amazing for the Red Scarlet Dragon, this professional camera is truly portable and you can take it with you anywhere you want without any restrictions. Not only is it well worth your time because of that, but it also helps deliver great hi-speed shooting capabilities that are enjoyable and truly fun.

The storage capacity of this device is also quite amazing to be honest, because it delivers so much space that you can enjoy at all times. The device does a great job when it comes to catering to all types of professionals and in the end they just manage to deliver you a truly outstanding experience all the same.

Red Scarlet Dragon is not just a simple camera, instead its 6k capabilities, combined with storage that can go up to 1Tb and its portability add up in order to offer a great, exciting experience for all types of video production.

Don’t hesitate and check out the Red Scarlet Dragon, it’s a great product and one that manages to offer great possibilities! If you want to perform reliable and professional video production, this is one of the best choices that you can make, so just give this product a shot and you will like the way it works for sure!