Sony A7S

Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD) Camera

Sony A7S

Sony A7S

Having a video project can sometimes be a very stressful experience, but the outcome can be amazing provided that you have the best tools alongside you all the time. This is where the Sony A7S comes into play, as this device manages to combine the easiness of use that comes from a compact, smaller camera with the professional touch that Sony tends to offer with its devices as well. The result is extraordinary and maybe one of the best small cameras that you can use right now.

What you will like the most about the Sony A7S is that it has a 12MP 35mm sensor that that allows you to shoot in a very low light with all the details intact. You will find this product to be very useful in night time shots as well, something that definitely makes it quite handy and suitable for a variety of projects as well.

It’s quite interesting to see that the Sony A7S manages to offer complete support for 4k shooting, so if you really want to take your shots to the next level you can boost to this mode, which will offer you pristine quality, you just need a very good memory card to store the huge shots. An important thing to note here is that the 4k recording is performed via uncompressed HDMI.

When it comes to the dynamic range, this product manages to offer amazing opportunities, and at the same time this product is great because it offers a high bitrate. While shooting with the Sony A7S you will see no distortions or any other similar issues, instead the results will be a lot more impressive.

Another great feature to focus on when we talk about the Sony A7S is the amazing ISO performance that it offers. In fact, the product can actually reach ISO 409600, which is definitely not a small feat for such a situation to be honest.

If needed, you can also access a XAVC S option that is very good for HD videos, and that on its own is very rewarding all the time especially if you plan to shoot videos during the day. The battery life is improved when compared to the other models from the manufacturers and you do get Wi-Fi connectivity as well as NFC support with this model, something that does make it very professional and suitable for all types of user categories!

All in all, the Sony A7S does a great job in offering you an affordable way to film high quality videos. It offers amazing features for this price, including the 4K support which is more than welcome, but at the same time the built-in Wi-Fi support is great as well. It’s also a new model, so you do get support for a wide range of great new technologies. If you want professionalism and great results from a good camera, then the Sony A7S is a solid investment for sure!