The town of Jerome, Arizona is small. It is built on the slope of the Cleopatra Hill. It is a historic landmark. Remnants of an old mining town. Gold and silver were mined, however, it was super rich in copper. One of the reasons the town was made famous in the 1880s. At its peak, it was home to over 10,000 people.

After numerous deaths due to horrible mining conditions the town literally died out. The Jerome Grand Hotel was once a hospital. It is said that over 9,000 people died in there. That is the reason why people believe that building and the whole town is haunted. The area became a real ghost town.

It bounced back though. Many discovered the cheap real estate and began to move back. Many artists were drawn. Gift shops, art galleries, and antique stores were open. Residents started to embrace their ghostly friends and used it to draw visitors. Today the population is only about 500 people, however, it is a tourist destination. The best attraction is the Jerome state historic Park also called Douglas Mansion. It has marble showers, wine cellar, and central vacuuming making it convenient for all weathers. Douglas mansion plays a video of the historical story of the Jerome town and an overview of the rest of the city. To learn more visit the town website.

This would be a great place to film a short or full feature film. This is also the home of the Jerome Indie Film Festival.