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Through the years we have developed many areas of expertise within the video production services that we provide, but before we go into discussing those areas of expertise it’s important to know what video production means. Video production is the process of creating video by capturing images usually with a video camera (like most videos on YouTube), a picture camera (like photo slide shows used that you see in weddings), or with a film camera (as you would see in old movies). As it relates to our company, video production is the creation of any professional video such as music videos, feature or short films, movies, TV commercials, website videos, TV shows, corporate videos, conference videos, trade show videos, training videos etc… Even live event video production for concerts and sporting events is part of our Phoenix area video production services.
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With that stated below are the areas, where our video production Phoenix company has developed areas of expertise.


Medical Related Videos and TV Commercials

Through the years we have worked on a lot of medical related content. We are happy that we worked on these many successful campaigns. In order to see our work click on link to see more: Medical Video Experts


One of our first TV commercials was for a used car dealership. Given their budget we were still able to create something that looked great. Now with our 4K plus resolution cameras, we have been able to make these auto tv commercials look like nation spots. See our work: Automotive Video Experts

Ultra HD Productions

Digital Video has changed since the release of the Red One Ultra HD 4k Resolution Camera in 2007. Directors who are lovers of using film are all switching over. Even Steven Spielberg who vowed not too. We at Blare Film Arizona where one of the first to video production companies to receive the Red One. Now this what we have done and can do: Ultra HD Experts

Corporate Video

Shooting Corporate Videos can sometimes challenging. There is a fine line between getting the company message out and putting your audience to sleep. Add to it the fact that sometimes those that are in charge of getting that message out are not actors. The keynote of a successful corporate video is audience engagement. If you want to get your point across, you have to provide the best quality and assume the viewpoint of the audience, not just overwhelm them with facts. Look at our work to see how we have overcome this and made it an expertise: Corporate Video Experts

Other areas include music videos, independent films/movies and aerial video.

A video production is a blend of both technical skill and artistic flair, requiring the expertise of a director than can work well with actors, a director of photography/cameraman that can photograph a great image, and behind the scenes personnel to coordinate everything from casting to delivering the final product. To very follow: Phoenix Video Production Service

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